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Companion Animal Hospital

Golden Retriever at Companion Animal Hospital

Welcome to Our Family!

All of our “old clients” were new clients at one time. Even though we want you to feel like old friends right away, we realize that first visits can be stressful.

To prepare for your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in and register your pet. Make sure to bring any relevant medical records, including vaccine history, along with you to your appointment. Please provide a list of all current medications, including flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, prescription diets, and any supplements your pet may be on. If your pet has had X-rays performed in the past, please have them emailed to our clinic ([email protected]) or bring along a CD with copies of the digital x-rays.

Please give all paperwork to the receptionist when you arrive, and she will make copies and return the originals to you. Previous records are very helpful and allow us to provide consistent and safe healthcare. We can also enter future reminders for vaccinations and procedures to provide long-term consistent care. 

Congratulations! Once your registration is completed, your pet is an official patient and you are part of the CAH family!

If interested in a payment plan before coming to our hospital, we recommend applying for Care Credit. This can be done online or by asking our front desk when you come in.

What to Expect When Walking Through Our Doors

To schedule your appointment, please call our hospital at (717) 361-7665 during our normal business hours.

Please indicate the reason for your visit and we will schedule you accordingly and provide any pre-visit instructions you may need.

Large dog wearing a cone around its neck while walking outside

Wellness, Vaccine, or Sick-Pet Appointments

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in.

Once you have arrived, there are grassy areas outside so your dog can relieve himself before entering. It is recommended that a stool sample is evaluated for all annual exams and gastroenteritis (diarrhea) cases. If your pet goes to the bathroom outside and you still need a sample, please collect the sample with provided baggies or have someone help you collect it.

As you enter the front door, a receptionist will greet you at the counter to collect all necessary paperwork and sign you in. You will then be directed to the waiting area.

When it is your appointment time, a veterinary assistant will escort you and your pet to the scale to weigh your pet and walk you back to an exam room. A veterinarian will meet you directly in the exam room or shortly thereafter to discuss the goals of the appointment and collect all necessary history.

The veterinarian, with the help of a veterinary assistant,  will perform an exam of your pet and answer any questions you may have. At that point, a diagnostic or treatment plan will be formulated and agreed upon. An estimate of all services recommended during the appointment can be provided upon request. If diagnostics are needed, the veterinary technician working with you will perform all diagnostics such as x-rays or bloodwork in our treatment area.

A veterinarian will review and interpret all in-house diagnostics with you to establish a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Our technicians will fill any prescriptions and explain all medical instructions with you one on one. You will then be escorted to the check-out desk. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Care Credit.

Care Credit is an independent medical billing company that provides a period of time to pay all medical bills with zero percent interest. If you do not have a Care Credit account and are interested in one, you can apply online or at our hospital. Ideally, the application for Care Credit should be performed online before your appointment.

Once your visit is complete, please let us know if you need help getting your pet to your vehicle. We will be happy to assist.

Male Veterinarian is holding a fluffy Siamese cat in a medical office while smiling for the camera to pose for a photo.

Surgery or Ultrasound Appointments

Please arrive between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM unless directed otherwise.

A veterinary technician will greet you in our waiting room, go over the goals of the appointment, and have you sign all necessary check-in paperwork. Your pet will be placed comfortably in an individual kennel while they wait for their procedure and during recovery afterwards. You will receive a phone call once the procedure is completed by either a veterinarian or veterinary technician with further instructions regarding at-home care and pick-up time.

Worried about a nervous pet? 

For our patients who are more anxious when coming to their appointment, we offer a variety of methods to help them feel more comfortable while with us. If you would prefer to wait in the car or outside (weather permitting) to avoid encounters with other pets, please let us know when you check-in.  

We have a wide variety of treats available at the front desk and in the examination rooms to help with positive encouragement. Pheromone sprays are also available. For certain patients, we recommend giving them an oral calming medication before the appointment.

For more details and options for oral calming medications, please call ahead of time to speak with a technician or veterinarian.